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Show dates: Jul 15, 2023
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A solo show written and performed by Liz Allen, Tonight I Am My Mother is a dark comedic character piece centering on the complex mother/daughter dynamic between Liz and her southern mother, who grappled with addiction. Having grown up in North Carolina and moved away, Liz and her siblings return home as adults and attempt to confront their mother, shed light on long-buried problems, and save the family. Unexpected revelations ensue, and Liz re-assesses her role in the family, Oprah’s teachings, and her relationship with her mother.

No foul language. Mature themes abound.

Duration: approx 1 hour + 10 mins

Liz has been teaching, performing, and coaching improv in Chicago and Las Vegas for the past 31 years. Liz won the Coach-of-the-year Award at the iO Chicago Theater in ’99, ’00 and ’01; renamed the Liz Allen Excellence-in-Teaching Award. At the Flamingo Hotel & Casino in ‘05, Liz directed the first-ever long-form improv show for The Second City on The Strip. Liz coached The Commune, the improv ensemble in Mike Birbiglia’s 2016 film, Don’t Think Twice. Liz is excited to delve into her own scripted work in Tonight I Am My Mother.

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