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About Center Stage Theater

The Center Stage Theater Story

Center Stage Theater was founded by our Executive Director Kandiss Hernandez as a result of our struggle to find performance space for Kidz Kabaret and Center Stage Players. Throughout the community, the only venues we could find were too big or too small, too expensive, or didn’t offer the range of availability we needed to accommodate all of our performances.

After years of searching, we came to the conclusion that we would need to create our own performance space. In 2010, we finally found a location that was just right – at 1665 Quincy Avenue, in the heart of central Naperville – and we proudly opened the doors to our Main Theater.

Center Stage Theater today is a vibrant community performing arts center. Each year, more than 30,000 community members attend a performance here, and many local theater groups, emerging artists and community organizations take advantage of the tremendous performance and event venues we have to offer.



The Center Stage Theater Philosophy

Center Stage Theater is the home of Kidz Kabaret and Center Stage Players productions. Center Stage Theater is also committed to serving as an affordable venue for the entire community. We routinely host community theater performances, film festivals, comedy shows, award ceremonies, fundraising events, business receptions, dance recitals, music concerts, birthday parties, karaoke nights … and the list goes on.

Most of all, we are proud to say that we have become an exciting grassroots incubator for emerging artists, with the perfect platform to help creative individuals launch new initiatives and bold ideas. From local playwrights seeking to produce their newest works to local bands seeking to build their reputations and their audiences, Center Stage Theater provides the space for dreams to blossom and grow.

The Fair Lady Productions Family – Virtual Tour

Center Stage Theater is officially part of the Fair Lady Productions organization, our parent company that is dedicated to bringing the theater to the Naperville community. The Fair Lady family includes:


Kidz Kabaret

Our flagship non-audition children’s theater group

Visit KidzKabaret.com


Center Stage Players

An audition-only youth theater program for experienced students

Visit CenterStagePlayers.com


Center Stage Theater

Our community performing arts center

Visit CenterStageTheater.com

Center Stage Theater Management

Kandi is the visionary behind the Fair Lady Productions family. Everything we are today is a direct result of her passion, commitment and vision of what community theater can and should be.

A gifted actor in her own right, Kandi’s professional work has taken her to stages in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago, from Broadway stages to intimate cabaret houses. She is a member of the Actors Equity Union, and she holds a BA in Theater/Voice from Bradley University.

For the day-to-day operations of the Center Stage Theater facility, Kandi works closely with an amazing team of professionals that include an Artistic Director, Technical Supervisor and many other talented and skilled individuals.


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