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King’s Cafe

We are open for all events, rehearsals & performances at Center Stage Theater. In addition, King’s Cafe is available for private parties, business meetings, baby showers, rehearsal dinners, graduation parties – you name it! 



King’s Cafe by Chef Terrell Cole

Growing up “old school,” my family had a passion for making desserts, macaroni and cheese, candied yams, lasagna, and these homemade biscuits that would change your life. In learning how to make these delicious comfort food items, I soon began to realize that cooking for others enjoyment was truly my passion. So, I present to the city of Naperville my love for pastries and catering, to give this area a cool new look for desserts. I believe in this! Take a bite … and you’ll believe it too!


“King Bowen was a man who lived to serve. He was a storyteller, a listener, and a helpful hand to anyone in need. King made every lunch an adventure, every dinner an event. His door was always open and the grill was always hot. When you shared a meal with King, you were creating memories. Those memories are the foundation of King’s Cafe – a place to serve and be served. A place that makes an average day spectacular. A place where anyone can eat like a King.”




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