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Fair Lady Productions, Inc. is a parent company of three vibrant not-for-profit programs »

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Fair Lady Programs & Brands

Performance Space and Meeting Room Rentals

Show dates: Oct 19, 2019



Music Box Competition

Auditions open August 12th!

Compete for your chance to perform and win a $100 cash prize!

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1st Step: Audition

  • You must be in middle school or high school (grades 6-12) to participate
  • Prepare a cover of any song that does not contain profane or explicit content
  • Song must be within 5 minutes
  • Upload an unlisted video to YouTube and copy the link in the space provided
  • Submission deadline: September 21 11:59 PM
  • Auditions submitted after September 21 11:59 PM will not be considered for the Naperville area competitions

2nd Step: Live Performance

  • Top 15 participants per level will advance to the live round
  • Qualifiers to the live round will be notified 2 weeks after the submission deadline
  • Singers must prepare 3 minutes of a song that does not contain profane or explicit content
  • Selected singers will be given further information as the date approaches

Important Dates

Submissions close: September 21 11:59 PM for both levels

Qualifiers notified: September 28, 2019

Singing competition: October 19, 2019

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors!

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