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Show dates: Apr 27, 2024
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Join to see the Spring plays – an afternoon of fun, comedy and laughter!

Language – Hindi
Appropriate for ages 12 and above
Ekjut marks 10 years this year and the special program includes 3 plays with a very talented cast & team:
  • TAJ MAHAL KA TENDER/ताजमहल का टेंडर  – Classic comedy
    • Playwright -Ajay Shukla
    • Jaydeep Buzruk, Loni Sharma, Richa Koundel, Roshita Pandey, Ketan Patwardhan, Jasraj Singh, Swetha Sharda, Swadha Varshney, Asish Trivedi, Johnson Borges, Vivaan Mudgil, Promila Kumar
  • KHANE MEIN KYA KAHA/खाने में क्या है
    • Bindu Punhani, Swetha Sharda
  • PYAR KA PANCHNAMA/प्यार का पंचनामा  – Finding love in different ways
    • Jasraj Singh, Roshita Pandey, Ketan Patwardhan, Meha Mishra, Neeti Sabharwal, Chinmaya Panda, Preeti Rai, Swetha Shards
Ekjut is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization with ID#99-0784347
Production Team 
Nidhi Chowdhary, Tanvi Bhatt, Swetha Sharda, Jaishree Nagraj
Supported by –
Tara Swaminathan
Direction –
Promila Kumar

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Grants Provided by:

Illinois Arts Grant
Dupage grant