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Show dates: Apr 7, 2018
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A historical play performed in Bulgarian, adapted from Ivan Vazov’s drama “Outcasts” and Hristo Botev’s personal letters and publications. The plot takes place between January 1869 and May 1876 in the Romanian cities Braila and Bucharest. A group of Bulgarian political emigrants and revolutionaries, among them the poets Ivan Vazov and Hristo Botev, live the hard life of outcasts stranded in Romania, driven by a deep love of their homeland. Their only wish is to see Bulgaria liberated from Ottoman rule; their uncompromising devotion is “Liberty or Death”. The plot follows the outcasts through hardships and struggle, and culminates in the last preparations of a group of 205 young men, led by Hristo Botev, who kidnap an Austrian steamboat and cross the Danube River to fight and die for liberty. Botev’s beautiful poetry and some famous Bulgarian revolutionary songs are also included.

Tickets are $20, free admission to students 17 & under.  Doors open at 5:30p.

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