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Show dates: Aug 4 - Aug 6, 2017
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Fair Lady Productions, Inc. presents EXIT ROUTES August 4-6 at Center Stage Theater-Naperville.

Synopsis: Five feisty but very different factory women share their thoughts, problems, jokes and insults – disappointed with their syndicate’s paltry lottery win, they have to look elsewhere for escape, maybe to foreign travel, glamorous jobs – and always trying to get one over on their petty minded forewoman Carole. But when colleague Corinne returns from holiday, it seems it’s no co-incidence that Tessa’s husband’s been away at exactly the same time – and when the Christmas club money disappears, it turns out so has Corinne.

In all the upset, they’ve managed to miss putting their numbers into the lottery – and this time, they really would have won the jackpot… Disaster seems inevitable, but officious Carole has amazingly saved the day for them, and Tessa manages to get a satisfying revenge on her husband and Corinne. Now they really can escape – although dim teenage Laura might find her dreams of movie stardom as out of reach as ever, and Gemma knows she’ll never be able to leave her mother, even though she no longer recognizes her daughter. Money can’t solve everything.

Gemma…….. AnnaMarie Ahonen 

Laura……….. Gina Palasz 

Tessa……….. De Haddad 

Corinne/Carole…….. Danielle Rothe

Halina……….. Lynn Hodak 


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