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Show dates: Apr 22, 2023
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12 Angry Jurors
Original story written by Reginald Rose
Cast – Rahul V, Loni S, Bindu P, R D Nigam, Vineet A, Swadha V, Preeti R, Jay T, Meha M, Jyoti R, Jasraj S, Vikram V
Team – Jayashree N, Souvik D
Designer – Amanjot
Sponsor – Sabra Darugar
Direction – Promila K.

Ekjut Theater is the performing wing of RadioPaniPoori and it was started in 2014. It stages 2 plays a year. It is a community based theater group providing a platform for anyone interested to pursue a hobby in story telling/theater.

As yet, it has staged more than 65 stories as part of Yoni Ki Baat plays and debuted more than 75 artists.
Email – ekjuttheater@gmail.com

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