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Show dates: Feb 29, 2020
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Dhrishti presents maestro Javed Siddiqui’s acclaimed play Humsafar on Saturday, Feb 29th at the Center Stage Theater in Naperville. Poignant, Romantic and frequently funny, Javed Siddiqi’s play Hum-Safar is about an erstwhile couple at crossroads, meeting each other over a period of several years… The intricacy of human emotions and the delicate threads that hold a family together keep pulling the protagonists to each other and apart. Their lives follow a bittersweet journey of marriage, divorce and missed opportunities.

Embellished with several poems of Gulzar in his own voice, the play is as much about love as it is about urban alienation, family and relationships.

 Starring: Lubna Salim & Harsh Chhaya

Written by Javed Siddiqi

Poems Written and Recited by Gulzar

Designed & Directed by Salim Arif

Only 150 tickets available so call in now and book your presence for this mastery presentation.

Call 815-404-3473

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