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Show dates: Oct 10 - Oct 11, 2017

Musical Theatre Associates present “Christmas Cheer” auditions October 10 & 11, 7:30-8:30p located at Center Stage Theater. 

Auditions are open for actors and vocalists age 18 & up. Actors should prepare 32 bars of a show tune that best demonstrates their vocal range/ ability.  Open auditions on October 10 or 11 between 7:30 – 8:30p. No audition slot sign up, just show up. This is a paid opportunity. 

Show dates: November 25, December 9, December 16, December 23. Rehearsals will take place on Sunday nights beginning October 15. Performances & rehearsals will take place at Center Stage Theater – Naperville. Actors are paid. 

Questions regarding auditions? Please contact Joe at joe.radous@comcast.net

About: Kris Kringle (Santa Claus) and his wife Kora have recently taken residence in a new home in Sun City West, Arizona. Our story takes place in early fall on their patio, where they spend a lot of their time relaxing and napping. Kora appears to be blissfully enjoying life, but Kris seems to be troubled. In a series of dreams and memories which come to life in musical numbers, their concerns and wishes are dramatized. The reindeer even make an appearance. In the end Kris makes a satisfying decision.

Kris Kringle: Male, 40-70 – The old fellow is kind of worn out, with somewhat cynical view of life at this stage and a dry sense of humor. Actor should have good comedic instincts. No singing required. 

Kora Kringle: Female, 40-70 – A sweet old gal and a supportive wife, has the optimism to counter Kris’s current negativity. No singing required. 

The Celebrants: Male/Female, 18-70 – Several Male & Female of various ages and vocal ranges for individual & group singing. 

The Scrooges & Scroogettes: Male/ Female 18-70 – A Few Male & Females of various ages and vocal rages for individual & group singing. 

The Neighbor From Minnesota: Female 20-60 – A mature female with a strong singing voice. 

The Little Old Ladies & Gents, Male/Female 5-10 – A group of young boys & girls with strong singing voices, good comedic instincts and ability to move fairly well. 

The Hopeless Romantic, Female 20 – 60 – A mature female with a strong solo singing voice who can put across a song. 

The Weight Watchers: Male/ Female. 18-60 – A few plumpish females & males of various ages with strong solor singing voices and good comedic instincts. 

The Dream People: Female, 18-60 – A few of the female celebrants with strong voices & comedic instincts. 

The Reindeers: Male/ Female, 18 -60 – Several of the Male/ Female Celebrants with strong voices & comedic instincts

The author of CHRISTMAS CHEER, Joe Radous, has a passion for musical theater. He holds a Master of Arts degree in Speech & Theater from Marquette University, specializing in Musical Theater. Over the past 50 years, he produced and directed 18 musical and wrote 3 musicals in the Chicago area. During a 40 year career at the College of DuPage he taught 37 sections of Musical Theater Appreciation. He organized Players Unlimited, a community theater group for performing musicals; Musical Theatre Associates, which he produced his musical THIS COULD BE IT; and most recently, I LOVE MUSICALS, a business in which he took groups to musical productions in the Chicago area. He is a snow bird who currently spends March, November & December in Sun City West.

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